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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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“Diggy Chacha, who is Afzal Guru?” asks Rahul Baba

"Diggy Chacha, everybody was asking me about Afzal Guru in Kashmir. Who is he? Is he related to Gandhian theory or is he another youth icon here? I kept my mouth shut as I didn't want any embarrassment for me, myself and mummy. So please enlighten me who is Afzal Guru sahib so that I can talk in media about him," India's only youth icon and future prime minister Rahul Gandhi innocently asked his guru (though he humbly denies it) Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) on phone.

"Rahul Baba, how many times I told you that please read few news papers so that at least you can avoid this kind of embarrassment. And for god sake please don't call Afzal Guru as Afzal Guru sahib to avoid problems created after I called Osama as Osamaji in front of media. Yea but there in public when press reporters would not be there you can always call Afzal Guru as Afzal Guru sahib. Further, if they ask tell them for the sake of youth in Kashmir you will definitely ask Soniaji to save him," Diggy Chacha said.

"But Diggy Chacha I make lot of commitments but nobody in our cabinet fulfils them," Rahul Baba complained. "Baba this is an important lesson to you. You make n number of commitments but you can also tell them that there is procedural requirement and it is a time consuming process so that it takes some time. And for god sake Afzal Guru is not a youth icon or aam admi so keep your words limited just maximum you can tell them that "I See, I will talk to mummy". Please mug up this," Diggy Chacha completed his statement and put down the phone.

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