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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Nitinji on expansion drive; announced support for Telengana but no date promised

Showing its eagerness to expand the territories, strong player of fat politics and president of BJP Nitin Gadkari (Nitinji) announced his full support for the Telengana issue in Andhra Pradesh. The support have come a little bit late as Sushma Swaraj (Sushma Aunty) had already made promise that BJP will give Telengana if the party comes to power by 2014 elections (central or state? or both?). A Congress spokesperson commented "If BJP leader is commenting about state elections then it is a distant dream as BJP had won only 2 seats in 2009 elections." He added "BJP is almost non-existent in Andhra Pradesh. I feel that BJP should not incur so much of money on the campaigning for Andhra Pradesh. Voters will not vote them."

However, Nitinji's (most ignored person in the politics, according to Sibal Uncle) made it clear that the party will still support the Telengana issue without making any commitment regarding dates.  

Nitinji said: "Our party is in full support of the demand for the creation of Telangana state. We are with the people of Telangana. It is a commitment of BJP to form a separate state of Telangana."

He added: "We will raise the issue in parliament and take it on forcefully. Whenever (?) the BJP comes to power, we will ensure Telangana is formed." One supporter of Sushma Aunty said that Nitinji lacks courage and confidence to tell on what dates. It is really very ambiguous of saying whenever we come to power. What is this? Advaniji should take note of this.

Recalling the expertise and experience in breaking the states, Nitinji said "Congress is responsible for the present situation. They have betrayed the people of Telangana. We (BJP) formed three states when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was prime minister," he said, referring to the formation of Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. DCFC columnist Kapi Sibbu said "It looks like asking an engineering project by L&T based on its wide experience. We are good in breaking states so please allow us to break your state as well. Pathetic…"

At last in emotional words Nitinji said "They (Congress) only placed a bad example of how to play with people's lives. So many have died so many committed suicide and law and order is in a bad state. The policies of the Congress are to be blamed for this; they have divided the people of Andhra Pradesh."

DCFC was waiting to the replies of Diggy Chacha (busy in UP elections) and Sibal Uncle (busy in save Raja campaign). However, both these guys think it's better to ignore Nitinji.

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