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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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“Gadkari shut your mouth,” says Sibal Uncle

"It is better for him (Gadkari) to not speak, because when he does, he exposes himself. It is not good for him, for his party or the nation," furious Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle) told reporters. He suggested Gadkariji to take advice from Arun Jaitley or some other lawyer. However, he didn't mention on what subject Nitinji should go to Jaitley Uncle for advice. Hmmm…

Background of the entire conversation was Nitinji demanded the resignation of Dr Manmohan Singh (Manji) and the Home Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle), based on great A. Raja's remarks in court.

Sibal Uncle did not deny that the Prime Minister was aware of the dilution of equity by Unitech and Swan. "Yes, the Prime Minister knew that it was dilution of equity," by way of issuing new shares and there was no divestment of promoters' equity. However, opposition was not happy with the answer. One leader said how it matters, whether it was expansion or contraction or retention of equity. Only valuations matter. The government allotted licenses at a dearth cheap valuations while these companies showed what exactly the market valuations are, a big slap to the government's face. He added Sibal Uncle is becoming confused and don't understand what to say what not just like Diggy. Saving the face of Raja is the only objective they have.

As usual, Sibal Uncle placed the ball in BJP's court by recalling their sins. He also slammed the BJP for not taking any action against the Karnataka Chief Minister, Mr B.S. Yeddyruppa, who faces several allegations of corruption.

"My response is not to blame the BJP but to show that its conduct is much worse than ours (so you agree that your conduct is worse, may be a little bit lesser than BJP… ha… ha…)," said Sibal Uncle. However, one Congress Senior Leader denied the allegations of Sibal Uncle on his own party that the government's conduct is worse. He said "Sibalji is tired as he was working through the night referring all the law books to prove that Manji and Chidduji are innocent." "He is quite frustrated," he added.

Finally, Sibal Uncle sent a brahmastra on BJP by saying we show by setting examples. He said "So many of our Ministers have been removed – Mr Shashi Tharoor, Mr Dayanidhi Maran, Mr A. Raja – ask them (BJP) have they removed anybody?"

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