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Friday, 29 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha takes 360 degree turn

Showing the 360 degree turn of his statement, Most intelligent persons on earth (blessed by Jadoo of "Koi Mil Gayaa") and Rahul Baba's Guru (though he humbly denies it) Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) maintained he had never asked for looking into the role of Hindu organisations in connection with the Mumbai serial blasts. Diggy Chacha is famous as a person whom Media always misquotes. One of his supporters said, "that is because Diggy Chacha's popularity. Every word that comes from his mouth becomes an essay for any reporter. Every word and sentence has tremendous importance." The supporter also enlightened us, "Chacha is very media shy. He hardly talks anything and anything that is nonsense. Therefore, media uses his name to make the article popular."


One of the supporters of Sonia Gandhi (Madamji) supported these claims. He said, "Madamji knows the media's conspiracy against Diggy Chacha and therefore she doesn't give any important to such articles." 6428FHZPXHZH


Diggy Chacha proving his claims that he was misrepresented, he said, "I had only said that the role of all organizations (between the lines - excluding RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal) should be looked into in connection with the Mumbai blasts and I had never used the term Hindu outfits." As usual Diggy Chacha confused us. 6428FHZPXHZH


Singh observed he had only said what the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) had stated regarding the Mumbai blasts. Our between the lines analysis proves by this statement as Chiddu Uncle never said that he suspects RSS or any Hindu outfits in the attack. 6428FHZPXHZH


Dismissing media reports, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister, who has often courted controversies, said there was not a single 'byte' on any news channel which could show him using the term Hindu organisations in connection with the 13/7 blasts. Great Chiddu Uncle we got another very precious lesson from you i.e., How to turn around in 360 degree.

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