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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

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Government confirmed that offering Rs 15 lakh to rape victim's family means shutting their and protesters mouths

Unconfirmed sources from the government confirmed that the government offered Rs 15 lakh to rape victim's family is just an exercise to shut its mouths along with protesters rather than giving a relief.
Insiders said that the exercise would essentially end the two week anti-government protests.
"We think this an exceptional case and after giving the amount to family everybody would be silent," said the source from the government.
The source said "Earlier Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit suggested to giver Rs 7200 as 1 year compensation, as she thinks 600 rupees per month per family is sufficient amount to live. However, few senior politicians opposed to the idea and told her not to be scrooge and allow the administrators to come to a proper amount using scientific formula."
The source said using Kapil Sibal Zero Loss Financial Model, the government arrived at a number of Rs 15 lakh which it thinks would be sufficient to the family to forget the pain and sadness it went after the entire gang rape saga. Plus kind government also thought to announce one job for a family member.
The source also said that the government expects that the entire formula would work and stop the rage that is drawn amongst the protesters and family would also react moderately.
However, the government's ministers denied any such conspiracy and slammed India Satire for publishing such conspiring articles using some idiot government source' name.

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