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Friday, 3 August 2012

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Team Anna slammed Annan for quitting as international peace envoy for Syria

Asked him to sit on the fast for few days and help world solve Syria issue
Team Anna which recently called off its fast, when the Indian ministers were busy watching Olympics and having some re-shuffling of ministry for some time pass, slammed Kofi Annan, former U.N. Secretary and peace envoy for Syria for quitting from his efforts halfway and asked him to seat on a fast to resolve the trouble on the world.
"This was totally irresponsible step by Kofi Annan. We don't have issue if he had left 2 months back, but while using Anna's name he had to show some bit of persistency and could have seat on the fast at least few days," said Arvind Kejriwal.
Kofi Annan announced he was quitting as international peace envoy for Syria, frustrated by "finger-pointing" at the United Nations while the armed rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad becomes increasingly bloody.
Anna Hazare said in the crowd "Ye nahi chalega. Syria ko peace milnaa chaahiye hamaari jaano ke upar bhi. By the way where is Syria? I believe must be near Chennai. Nahi Coffee Anna aap ko fir se khadaa honaa hoga, ladnaa hogaa. Fast kiske liye hota hai… kijiye, fir dekhiye kaise Syria waala nahi suntaa. Mein bhi aata hu aapko support dene."
Anna Hazare's announcement received a tremendous response and ye ye from the crowd.
"Aap logo kaa support hoga saath me to hum Anna ko bachaa sakte hai aur usko bol sakte hai… ki tum lado hum tumhaare saath hai…. Bolo mein Coffee Anna hu," said Anna Hazare
Team Anna leader Kiran Bedi asked Kofi Annan to take some lessons from Anna Hazare and not avoid bashing on Bashar issue of Syria.
"Kofi, you are using Anna's name and still without having fast at least for one day, how can you quit? Kofi tum politics bhi join karne ke laayak nahi ho," said Kiran Bedi.
However, Congress Party cleaned its own hands from this issue. It said that this is diverting Indians from the major issue like corruption.
Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni said "Annaji should focus on removing corruption. Why is he unnecessarily drawing himself into troublesome issues like world politics and Syria rebel? This is just diverting himself from the major issue like India's corruption and dirty politics."
Anna Hazare said on the issue "Coffee Anna should get the real right of what he was demanding. We shall start with Syria first and we shall deploy our representatives in the next Gram Panchayat elections of Syria."
India Satire correspondent tried to reach to the Kofi Annan for his reaction, but he was unavailable to comment.

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