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Thursday, 29 December 2011

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TOI Leaks: Abhishek Bachchan tops the list of Google News Search Engine for changing his daughter's nappies

India's leading newspaper the Times of India leaked the news that Abhishek Bachchan (Bachchan Jr.) changed his daughter's nappies, which helped Bachchan Jr. to top the list of India's most popular news search engine Google News India.

"By the way it's great feeling and proud to be Papa of Junior B," said Amitabh Bachchan (Bachchan Sr.). "I am an ordinary man with a lot of ignorance. I am humble and kind also but still it feels special when your son does not remain ordinary. Today, I do not feel ordinary as my beta become special from ordinary and that is because of Beti B," he added. However, he also warned "I would not like this to be chit-chatting in the media as it is our private matters."

Aish aunty (according to Sonam Kapoor and Madhur Bhandarkar) said "I am proud to be the wife of Abhishek, who is struggling since last 12 years to at least get recognised that he is an actor. But now even Google News Search Engine ranked him on the top of its pages. I expect good assignments from Huggies and Mamy Poko Pants, in future."

"It was a good idea Sirjee to get on the top position on Google News Search Engine. I just saw some time back on the net when I was bizzy in 3G. Thanks to Times of India for making me more popular than Annaji, Sunny Leone and Khan Trio. It was really a long struggle to get recognise on at least one popular platform. While few kiddish people like Arindam Choudhary easily gets recognized, it was really a battle for me," Bachchan Jr. said in a press conference arranged with Times of India Editor-in-chief Jaideep Bose.

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