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Sunday, 30 December 2012

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'Dented painted' politicians demanded strong laws against rape accused

All Indian politicians, including MPs, MLAs, state level politicians and even a street side political activist raised their voices that a strong law should be made to punish rape accused after victim died yesterday. Coincidentally, all the politicians which include Congress, BJP leaders, DMK, TMC, SP, BSP and Communist Party leaders were dented painted.
"We all were at beauty parlours just one day back and therefore we looked quite beautiful while condoling for victim and protesting against the rape accused," said a senior lady Congress leader, with request of anonymity. She also told that every politician, including gents were having good hair cut and properly shaved.
She said "These days even gent politicians go to proper parlours, properly cut their eye brows and good massage and facial they do."
A senior Congress MP, Abhijeet Mukherjee confirmed this. He said "Even I like to remain clean while coming in front of media. I take proper facial every week. And look at my eye brows they are good shaped and sized."
He also asked other politicians to follow his path.
According to statistics, almost 92% politicians are well dented painted before they present in front of media. The survey also said that remaining 8% don't get good place in the party and considered idiots.
"I think 92% Indian politicians are smart and intelligent, as they go to parlours and maintain good facial features," said Press Commission of India Chief Markandeya Katju.
Other parties including BJP , SP and BSP confirmed that they were dented painted when they condoled for victim and protest against accused. While all were in good make up and get over, they unanimously demanded strict punishment to accused.

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