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Monday, 17 December 2012

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Delhi Government announced that hyper active genitals of rapists would be replaced to impotents and eunuchs

Doctors identified that hyper active genital of rapists which are real cause for the rapes in Delhi can be replaced with impotents and eunuchs.

"They can be cut down and replace to the impotent guys who are not really realizing the pleasure of sex," said Dr Abhishek Sharma of Fortis Hospitals.

Talking on the recent gang-rape in the bus, he suggested that the government can use the idea of replacing the genitals to poor impotents and eunuch so that hyper active rapists would never rape again.

He said "The idea is to bring peace and harmony in Delhi as over worked Delhi Police would get some space and we hospitals would get some work to do."

The idea welcomed by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit with setting up fast track committee on recommendations. Before the idea was getting pushed by Doctors, she was considering announcing Delhi as Official 'Rape City'.

"I feel that Rs 600 is sufficient amount for a family to eat. And nobody uses his genital for work. Further, that part is as it is useless for these rapists and if it gets active they use it in rather uncivilized manner. We feel that the recommendations of Doctors make sense. As it is these rapists are useless trash and we are only asking them to become useful. However, we can pay nothing to them. It is totally for a social cause and not for profit-making," said Sheila Dixit.

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