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Thursday, 20 December 2012

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Congress Party releases a white paper on Gujarat elections as stunning victory of Narendra Modi nears

Indian Congress Party released a white paper immediately after it was confirmed that it is losing Gujarat. While admitting its loss on account of bad weather and poor humane conditions, the party also confirmed the emergence of Rahul Gandhi as biggest national leader.

Key Points in the White Paper

  • Lack of enthusiasm among the actual and real voters during the voting days on account of chilling season in Gujarat
  • The party ignored the reports of grass root level leaders that they hardly found natural people as voters in Gujarat. Most of the voters were 3D visuals of many people from BJP. The report blames Arjun Modhwadia, Shankarsinh Waghela and other Congress leaders for under-reporting such voters.
  • Gujarat Congress leaders were lying till the last day that if Rahul Gandhi arrives in Gujarat the voters will run away from the party and will mock him. However, Rahul Gandhi emerged as a biggest leader and turned all the people as voters who present there at the time of his speech. He was most famous, popular and favorite of all the voters, including ladies and gents.
  • White paper said that if sources are to be believed, people whoever attended Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi's speeches voted in favour of Congress Party and others not.

Suggestions for 2017 Gujarat Elections

  • Announce Rahul Gandhi as next CM of Gujarat
  • Announce his marriage with Gujarati girl
  • Announce Rahul Gandhi some bigger roles
  • Send Rahul Gandhi every three months so that Gujarat will remember him
  • Rahul Gandhi will fight from all the constituencies of Gujarat in next elections so that no margin of loss
  • Party leaders also pushed for a larger role of Robert Vadra

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