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Monday, 3 December 2012

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Daily Bullshit: Is FDI in Retail good or bad?


India is deciding on allowing FDI in retail. We have noted some good and bad points if FDI in retail allowed in India.


  • Good for some strong work out, chances of losing some calories
  • Roaming around without buying anything
  • Shopping with good looking girls around always play chillers
  • Good idea to solve the question arising out of surplus cash
  • I love FDI in retail because I am bachelor


  • Why do we let some foreigner decide what we should wear, eat and drink?
  • We will not see grocery shop's 'No Credit' board
  • No clause that make it compulsory for appointing foreign girls as sales persons. Needed some relaxation for blondes and brunettes to apply for job here
  • Nobody is there to work for you; fuck self-service is sometime so irritating
  • My nearby retail shop is not employing good looking sales girls
  • Chances of hard negotiations dumped

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