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Monday, 3 December 2012

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Congress alleged Narendra Modi for cheating, said will he only do all the development related work


Reacting to the new BJP aka Narendra Modi made manifesto which includes insurance for all, employment for more than 30 lakh youths, hospitals, safe drinking water, infrastructure and many other things, Congress leaders alleged Modi's for cheating saying that how only he is doing all the Gujarat development related work.

"This is cheating. He is not giving us chance to develop something in Gujarat. We thought that we would build hospitals and educational institutes. We also thought that in our Vision 2030 we will ensure insurance to all. But this guy is in a hurry and doing everything himself without giving us a chance," said Gujarat Congress President Arjun Modhwadia.

He said "At least this time he could have trimmed down promises so that we would have got a chance to develop something in Gujarat by presenting a well formatted document of Vision 2030."

Congress was preparing a document under expert panel which will ensure jobs to 30 lakh youths, free power, free water, free air, free something and insurance to all by 2030. However, after taking everything from its agenda by Narendra Modi, Congress Party now has to think in a serious manner.

"We are now thinking Rahul Gandhi to project as Gujarat CM so that our victory is ensured," said a Gujarat Congress leader asking to keep his identity hidden.

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