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Friday, 30 November 2012

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Supreme Court, please stop asking us any explanation - Kapil Sibal


Asking us an explanation or giving judgment based on stupid freedom to expression/speech right is quite an easy thing but to be sure that it is really difficult for us to give explanation on every paltry thing that we do. As a professional lawyer first, I always had first thing in my mind to control the mouths of judges which always keep insulting great and most intellectual lawyers like us. However, when I became the politician I have to restrict myself showing my other side that reflects my humbleness and gratitude.

Now I am a communication minister, a more responsible guy. Though, many admire me for my naughty attitude I am still a very kind, humble and down-to-earth guy. I am a gem and outstanding model just like statue of liberty which is using every bit of freedom he got. I am also great guy who looks like Albert Aienstein just if we ignore the curly hairs part. I am so much intellectual that I cleared the long pending dearth of innovation in India by introducing a theory of Zero Loss. I have capabilities of monitoring the evils of society. I just don't monitor them I also put control on them. It is my duty to control people who with their all stupidity bash me on my ass like I am sh*t hole. As a responsible communication minister I also need to create an atmosphere for innocent people like me should have clear environment for breathing.

Dear Supreme Court I want to ask few questions. As a lawyer while I don't have any right, but as a great minister with huge popularity among intellectuals I want to ask you few questions. If you have balls answer me.

·         We have right to expression whatever our evil mind thinks. But do you really believe that anybody fu*king idiot has a right to mock me?

·         We have all the right to joke on Santa Banta but do we have right to joke on Rahul Baba who is more intelligent that paltry and sundry Santa Banta?

·         While it is India's universal law that only politicians can say anything they want. But how stupid these mango men can talk on anything? Are they so mature enough to talk like intellectuals such as Suhel Seth, Arundhati Roy, Prahlad Kakkar or even Ramchandra Guha. No they are not proven intellectuals.

·         And finally, just you got some cheap platforms like Facebook and Twitter to talk whatever you think, how do you become eligible to post any crap on admirable and adorable guys like us?

Hey Supreme Court, first give the answers to my question then only I will think to give you any explanation or not. Today's Mani Shankar and Mamata's case is totally a responsible use of Right to Express whatever fuc*ing you think and not what these stupid idiots posts any crap.

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