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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

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Kalmadi is rolling between UPA and NDA; who owns him?

Great Indian Parliamentary show is held in Delhi. Only invitees are allowed to join. One of the esteemed invitees, Mr Suresh Kalmadi (Suru Bhaai) is not able to attend the show as both the UPA and the NDA disowned him.

India's ex-finance minister Mr. Yashwant Sinha (Yash Uncle) known for his aggressive and interesting rollback decisions, made an interesting point. He said "the government is trying to divert the attention away from the loot of public money in the Commonwealth Games by raking up the issue of who appointed Suresh Kalmadi. I want to ask who gave Kalmadi ticket to contest elections in 2009? Now that he is in Tihar jail, it appears as if has become a BJP member".

DCFC reporter when asked Suru Bhaai that who had appointed him whether UPA or NDA. He said "I don't recall exactly. May be it is because my short-term memory loss (termed as Ghaziniphobia as per medical dictionary). Please read for the entire chat with Suru Bhaai "Where am I, in NDA or UPA?" frustrated Kalmadi asks Indian public.

"You can remove him (Kalmadi) in 2011, but you could not do it in 2004 or in 2005? There is no mention of Host City Contract and Protocol in all the related documents with me on this issue. I have the notings of the Prime Minister's Office ("again about my office. When will these people allow me to live peacefully?" murmured Manji) as well," uncle added.

He also read out from a letter written by Kalmadi to Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister TKA Nair on October 31, 2007 to highlight that Kalmadi was appointed the chairman of the Organising Committee "after a series of discussions with PMO, the Chairperson of the UPA and the Group of Ministers."

Clubbed with other related communications and documents, uncle said the government cannot wriggle out from the allegations of mismanagement of CWG by blaming the NDA for bringing the Games to New Delhi.

The treasury benches remained silent till uncle attacked current Sports Minister Ajay Maken, a person who has suddenly became popular by raising issue that Kalmadi was owned by BJP at the fag end of his speech. The ruckus that followed led to a brief adjournment. The House was then adjourned for the day when BJP members trooped to the well, shouting slogans against the government for action against BJP Youth Wing's protest in the capital on Tuesday.

The Congress earlier sought to defend itself by apportioning the blame on the NDA for Suru Bhaai's appointment and training its gun against CAG for making remarks against the government's decision on appointments. "I want to raise a very fundamental question, whether the CAG has the right to make remarks (one more guy who asked authority of CAG after greats like Sibal Uncle, Diggy Chacha, Salman Bhaai and many more) against the government over its policy of appointment? It has no right (CAG are you listening?) to comment on the government's policy on appointments," always interesting and special Congress leader and its mouthpiece Manish Tewari said. He cautioned that the CAG reports were no gospel (gospel for whom?) and leaders across the parties need to exercise caution against making judgement based on the CAG report. For more analysis please read "When I said Sheila is innocent, she is innocent," Diggy Chacha said

But Tewari's argument came under severe criticism from Yash uncle. The BJP leader said, "He (Tewari) should remember the CAG report on Coffins (for Kargil martyrs) (famous for George uncle Fernandes) when we (NDA) were in power. Sonia Gandhi took that report to the country. Why did you not remember the rights of CAG then?"

Initiating the debate, CPM leader Basudeb Acharia blamed the Congress of "corruption, scam, mismanagement and loot of public money" in the hosting of Games and demanded Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's resignation. Great! CPM started campaigning for next West Bengal elections.

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