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Thursday, 22 November 2012

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To tribute to Ajmal Kasab, LeT Chief Hafeez Saeed said he will personally come to India carrying guns and bombs this time


That way he would also remove perception about him that he is fuc*ing fearful guy

LeT Chief Hafeez Saeed decided to come to India with guns, and bombs and he will himself blast in the country's top metros. This way he decided to tribute Ajmal Kasab and remove general perception that he is not deep shit ass hole that affraid of Police firing and death execution by court.

"I want to prove that I am not shitty mole which fears of everything. I can face Police firing and let Indian Police come to me and fire me 50 or 50,000 bullets. I will come myself with gun and bomb alone and will attack like a Bollywood hero. That way I will also tribute Ajmal Kasab," said Lashkar e Taiba chief in a candid chat with India Satire correspondent post Kasab's execution.

He said "I don't affraid of a shit. I want to remove a tag that I am just a mother fuc*er that is saved by Pakistani politicians just to clean their as*es and toilets."

Hafeez Saeed was a bit strong and vocal this time saying that he had the courage to lift the gun and fight.

"I can lift upto 1.5kg of gun with 20 gms of 2 bullets," told Hafeez Saeed showing his arms with small biceps.

"The Almighty told me that I have strength to face 50000 bullets at a time. They (Indian Army) can come to me each and every army guy can shoot 50000 bullets still nothing will happen to me. I am like 'Amoeba' if one bullet touches my body it would just return back from my shit preserved tummy. I have courage even if thousands of bombs come to me they wouldn't do anything. I will remove the label of being a fuc*ing bas*ard that even fears an ant," said Hafeez Saeed with grave voice.

While Hafeez Saeed told that the date on which his arrival to India is yet to be decided he said nothing can stop me. "No other Pakistani or PoK guy will come to India. I will myself come and with guns and bombs. Even if you declare an execution my neck is made of steel," said Hafeez Saeed.

By the time, Indian Government announced that all Metros in India are on high alert.

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