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Friday, 23 November 2012

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NDTV debate finally reaches to conclusion; recommended at least 25000 deaths to consider death penalty


A heated debate on NDTV show 'Is it time to debate the death penalty' finally reached a conclusion. All the experts unanimously agreed to 25000 as a minimum number of death toll by terrorist to consider as a death penalty from him.

All the experts said "We are agreed to the number 25000 which shows a mild intensity of terrorist attack and therefore a Judge can start whether to consider the case for death penalty. Our suggestion is echoed by our great and honorary investors from Gulf in Indian media."

The debate started after NDTV considered terrorist Ajmal Kasab's mercy plea before hanging when he said "Allah kasam, maaf kar do. Chhod do, aisi galti dobara nahin hogi." Anchor said that her eyes were wet when she saw the news.

The panelists also suggested that if the death number is below 200, the terrorist should let go to his home considering the negligible or very small harm to the society.

"Why should we take the law made by the God? Let him sort the things out in the heaven or hell," said an associate editor of The Hindu, who was present in the debate.

Sources said that before reaching to conclusion the anchor received a phone call from Saudi Arabia.

Special Note: Panelists disclosed that they have no stake in the terrorism, as none of their family members have died or injured in any kind of bomb blast, gun shootout or terrorist activity.

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