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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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City news editor expressed his displeasure on Kasab's execution said he was very unhappy


However, many other journalists and editors gave same comments creating copy right issue

City news editor from a famous news channel expressed his displeasure and huge amount of sadness over Kasab's execution and also showed that entire news media support the innocent Kasab for getting injustice by the Indian Government. He expressed his views in line with other city based journalists, editors and reporters who expressed their displeasure on Kasab's death.

Seating in a bar with a glass of Old Monk, the City News Editor, representing one of the top News Channels of India said "Why did Government execute him? That poor and innocent baby, why did it take such an extreme step?"

Taking each and every sip of Old Monk with heavy heart, the editor said "Killing common man is so common and acceptable even by a terrorist, but why special guy like Kasab who just visited India (sob sob)?"

The comment came in line with the reactions from many editors and India's news media journalists who expressed their immense displeasure on the justice of execution.

IBN Lokmat editor Nikhil Wagle said "Kasab gone, but the world is full of extremists and idiots." Former Executive Editor of The Hindu, Malini Parthasarathy, said "Kasab hanged. How does legal sanction for retaliatory murder redeem the savagery of what is in essence an "eye for an eye" act of revenge?" (Special Note: Indian Government took a note on Malini's statement and is recommended for Noble Peace Prize).

According to FirstPost, writer and activist Meena Kandasamy was acidulous when she said: "feel sorry for the Indian tricolour. heartfelt condolences" while Newsweek International editor Tunku Varadarajan alluded to the paradoxical delivery of justice in the country: "India hangs man responsible for killing hundreds of Mumbaikars days after it lauds man responsible for killing thousands". His hashtags in the tweet were the giveaway as to whom he referred to.

However, City Editor said that he was original in his thought and always felt sorry for Kasab inside his thought. He also raised copy right related issues and told that the originality is important. Even while words can be different if the theme is copied it should also be considered as breach of copy right.

He said "These people copied my theme."

Giving his grave smile, he said "That Malini Parthasarathy is totally copy paste editor what the fu*k eye for an eye thing. Boss I give you original stuff. A terrorist can rape me, he can strip me and he also can kill me but don't take revenge, don't punish him and late him live peacefully."

The Editor completing his statement said "I always told myself that Kasab should not be hanged. I was the first who immediately after Police captured him in 26-11 massacre told my mind that this guy, this guy should not be hanged and therefore I was the first and the most original in thinking such way."

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