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Monday, 30 July 2012

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Ajanta to launch brand Nitish Kumar Clocks

Pendulum is considered to be a best place to reflect his image
To try to save lagging Indian wall clock's industry, a leading clock manufacturer Orpat Clocks signed agreement with Nitish Kumar to promote its variety of Ajanta wall clock brands under the brand extension 'Pendumal'.

"Nitish Kumar is a great brand image these days and we planned to use his growing strength to promote different varients in Ajanta," said Orpat's MD Pravin Bhalodia.
He said "Nitish Kumar is just like a pendulum of Clock a real revering flow of one end to other end. He takes quick decisions, in a fraction seconds on whether to support UPA or NDA, makes him most ideal candidate to represent these classic clocks which are quickly phasing out in India. We are going to brand these clocks ‘Ajanta Pendumal Clocks’."
Nitish Kumar who recently rejected Congress' request for FDI in retail earlier supported the government over Presidential issue. He also supported UPA on not supporting BJP's claims that Narendra Modi is India's ideal Prime Minister.
Sources close to Nitish Kumar said that he was considering the offer and would love himself to represent as an icon over pendulum rather than just giving his name.
"Nitish Kumar has an experience to represent pendulum activity of clock. Earlier he was more interested in Bihar's Chief Minister's position rather than NDA's Railway Ministership. Now, if chance gets he would really love to represent India and become Prime Minister than just to remain as a small chief minister," said the source.
He said "Nitish would himself like to call as Pendumal Kumar rather than Nitish Kumar a name closer to Pendulum."
Official comment is yet to receive from the Bihar's Chief Minister on the compensation offered by the company and where will be UPA and NDA on the left side and right side.

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