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Friday, 2 November 2012

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Indians feel Arvind Kejriwal and Subramanian Swamy as whistle blower while Congress and BJP are loudspeakers


Many marriages are at stake because of channel switching between the breaks

While enjoying the high drama of catching the corruption on news channels on day to day basis, the entire nation is now became sure that Arvind Kejriwal and Subramanian Swamy are actually whistle blowers while Congress and BJP are loudspeakers.

"There is immense amount of coordination between them. While Kejriwal raise voice against Congress, BJP starts speaking like a loudspeaker in marriages. It is vice versa when the time comes that Kejriwal raises his voice against BJP," said Arvind Sharma, a regular TV News Channel watcher.

Sharma said "So overall it seems the reality show is managed very properly and with great imagination."

Many Indians were actually confused what exactly was happening in India during last 2 years. However, as the clearer picture emerges, tighten their belts on their sofas or chairs and keep focus on the news channels, said an independent survey of KPMG in its 'Media & Entertainment in India Report'.

"Actually I was a bit confused what exactly was happening in India. But now I am sure that this is a reality show sponsored by TV channels where Kejriwal and Subramanian Swamy have to say something while Congress and BJP acts as loudspeaker," said Rajinder Sharma, a serial TV news channel watcher told surveyor.

An astonishing result came from survey, claiming that almost 80% of daily soap watchers have shifted their eyeballs to daily corruption shows from daily soap operas.

"Yea, it is true. Most of Indians, particularly male audience switch to news channel when there is a break in serial. This audience finds it interesting and exciting than regular serials. Many of them have actually confirmed to us that they lost the taste of thrills in sas bahu serials and eagerly wait for a break to get updated on new kind of scam and to listen to some funny comment from any of the Congress and BJP leaders. They actually feel like these leaders are loudspeakers of their parties," said Anjali Joshi, Chief Surveyor of KPMG.

Overall, recent claims of scams and corruption made by Arvind Kejriwal and Subramanian Swamy increased the taste of the Indian audience and they are not really willing to watch serials and other stupid reality shows, said the survey.

Sources said that first time MTV Roadies new season is getting poor pre-release response and many of the aspirants went to the trials just to tell the "Twins" of Roadies - Rajiv Laxman and Raghu Ram that they are Ch**** and the entire show is bulls*it.

"Yea we feel disgraced like ch**** these days as nobody listen to our abuses and instead they abuse us. Yesterday only one candidate punched Raghu's nose," said Rajiv Laxman.

However, besides facing serious disinterest in the reality shows, most of the audiences are actually risking their marriages. Ms Joshi recorded rising risks of divorces in her report because of this channel switching hobby.

She said many women are actually uncomfortable because of rising channel switching habit among the men community as they can't get updated with new cosmetics which are demonstrated between the ads. Almost 70% of women audience confirmed that the immediate thought come to their mind is to give divorce at that instance itself."

"How can I remain glowing and beautiful through-out my life, if my hubby keeps switching channel between the breaks," said Rita Khanna, a daily sas bahu serial viewer.

She said "I would not get equipped with new and new skin care products to keep my skin fairer and beautiful. I really hate him and want to put paper on the spot whenever he changes the channel."

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