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Friday, 26 October 2012

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UPA Government plans to lower Drinking Age to 12 to bail out Vijay Mallya from Kingfisher's mess


After falling from billion dollar rich tag, Vijay Mallya's statement over karmic connection of the life's richness and jealousy made UPA government emotional to make serious decision in bailing out his Kingfisher dreams in a different way.

"We are reducing the liquor drinking age to 12 from around 21 years (in Maharashtra it's 25 years)," said HRD Minister Kapil Sibal. He said "That is sufficient to bail out Mallya from current financial mess."

Mallya earlier said "Thanks to the Almighty that Forbes has removed me from the so called Billionaires list. Less jealousy, less frenzy and wrongful attacks." Vijay Mallya also told that he would switch to Kingfisher beer and McDowell's whisky brand.

However, the above sad statement from liquor baron couldn't go well with HRD Minister who immediately called a meeting of e-GOM (Empowered Group of Minister) where he clearly told that he had decided to lower the age of drinking to 12.

"Even my great grandson will also contribute in a small way to recover Vijay Mallya from financial trouble. I assure you guys that bucks will start from my home. My great grandson who is just 12 and half years old will finish least 5 bottles of beer and 2 pegs of McDowell's Mera No. 1 everyday," said Kapil Sibal.

Many other UPA ministers pledged that they will see their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters will have any kind of alcoholic drink after crossing 12 years. However, few new ministers showed their displeasure on the reduction of age to 12 and wanted it to lower to 5 years.

While Mallya was accompanying Sibal in the meeting said "I am thankful to UPA Government and particularly Sibalji. If he had not have chosen this step, I might have switched to McDowell's Mera No. 1 from the Macallan. But thanks to Kapilji, I would not require to drink a whisky made for aam aadmi and will keep my status going."

According to Government estimates, if the drinking age is reduced to 12 years, the profits of United Spirits will be more than enough to cover Kingfisher's losses, paying its dues to lenders and employees.

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