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Friday, 26 October 2012

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Indian media to be more cautious on selecting candidates after Zee TV - Navin Jindal Saga


Special courses in Extortion and Blackmailing in demand

After creating a dumb impression among the top Indian news channels, Zee TV has become a significant example for avoiding stupid people in the work force. Many Indian news channels said that they plan to select the candidates which are extraordinarily skillful in recognising trap,  effectively and intelligently handling the 'extortion' and 'blackmailing' and great skills to become invisible at a time when somebody is holding secret camera on them.

"Zee's example is a total eye washer for us," said Prannoy Roy, Executive Co-Chairperson of NDTV.

He said "We will be more and more cautious now in selecting candidate. How is it possible that somebody of the caliber of editor gets trapped while asking for some small extortion money? That's too ridiculous to hear. I really feel slapping Zee's Editor who caught on a camera, what he had to do with the other guys. Stupid guy yaar."

Roy blamed Zee News Editor Sudhir Chaudhary and Zee Business Editor Samir Ahluwalia for showing dumbness and exposing the lucrative business side of the Indian media.

"Candidate will have to undergo stringent test of my 'Aap ki Adalat' kind of interview, going forward. Then only we will elect him as an editor or journalist," said Rajat Sharma of India TV.

He said "Otherwise, we will not keep the speed of the breaking news that we show every 5 minutes."

Media is also expected to select candidates from IIMs and IITs which have power to get change their faces or scanner in their head which identifies the sting cameras or even ability to get invisible whenever somebody starts secret camera. Channels are also demanding special course in Extortion and Blackmailing from these institutes.

"Only after identifying on such merits, we will select the candidate," said Rajdeep Sardesai, Chief Editor of CNN IBN.

The media is also shocked after the world saw their secret side of legitimate revenues from extortion and blackmailing. Media is also questioning whether it was right to show every segment of revenue, which is not really mandatory these days, according to SEBI.

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