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Monday, 8 October 2012

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Taking ‘inspiration’ from “Robert Vadra”, young generation wants to marry daughter of politician for making easy money

Attractive 60000% returns possible after becoming Son-In-Law of Politician
India's young generation has changed its mindset from the career in engineering, computers, finance and other fields towards become son-in-law of politicians, after son-in-law of India's Royal Gandhi Family opened their eyes.
A survey conducted by SurveyMonkey among Facebook and Twitter users with age less than 32 years suggested that 73% of Indians are interested in marrying politician's daughter while 20% to businessman's daughter.
"We are shocked with survey results, as loyalty of most Indians shifted towards daughers of Indian politicians. Most of them are interested in the politician who is involved in graft cases, washed with the water of corruption and most of the time presents in the business and industry conferences," said Rajat Sharma, surveyor at SurveyMonkey.
Studies suggested that the major shift in the interest towards politicians from businessmen is out of the current hot topic, Robert Vadra, son-in-law of royal heritage of Gandhi family of India.
"It's bloody cool. I would love to marry a girl whose father is bloody corrupt and tainted politician," said Vicky Oberoi who is studying Welingkar's Institute of Management in Mumbai.
He said "I have no issues with how the daughter looks. What matters is career prospects and opportunities that opens up after marrying her." Vicky Oberoi recently gave his MBA exam from Welingkar's.
SurveyMonkey said that it had collected data of 27245 students of management, engineering and science background.
"Though, students are from varied background, their interest was same," said Rajat Sharma "It shows uniform thinking among the students."
Summary of Extensive Survey conducted by SurveyMonkey

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