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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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SP Tulsian to bail-out Kingfisher Airlines by persistently giving buy recommendation on the stock

Vijay Mallya thanked S P Tulsian to save Kingfisher as Krishna saved Draupadi from Vastraharan

India's prominent equity analyst and innovator of multi-bagger ideas and famous for his talks on CNBC TV18, SP Tulsian offered his wholehearted help to Kingfisher Airlines for surviving it from muddy waters of bankruptcy.

"Grimness came inside my heart when I read the news that Kingfisher Airlines will cut global operations to two flights a day and government said that SBI will never help most colourful airlines. I just called Vijay asking him how much money he wants. It is not that I am like his younger brother but I myself feel I am his younger brother," said emotional SP Tulsian to Diggy Chacha Fan Club reporter.
SP Tulsian last month told investors to buy Kingfisher Airlines at around 21-22 levels. However, stock didn't move up or down.

Excerpts of the interview
The expert, SP Tulsian told CNBC TV18 that time "Kingfisher Airline, Rs 500 crore interests is more as a contra entry because banks will give that kind of amount and again on the other hand, that will immediately be paid to the banks. So, may be that is just to regularize and to show the recovery of the interest having made by banks from Kingfisher Airlines, but the infusion or giving an additional Rs 400 crore working capital loan will really be a breather for the stock because if you have been hearing Vijay Mallya, he has been saying for last 3 or 4 months that he will give a plan or he is infact hopeful of clearing the dues by end of March. So, that means there must be something at the back of his mind and infact we have earlier talked that probably stake sale in United Breweries because the foreign partner Heineken seems to be quite keen to buy the stake of 37.5% in the company at a very huge valuation. That 37.5% valuation is talked at about Rs 6000-7000 crore." (Editor's note - Apologize for lengthy speech. There is much more, DCFC requests its readers to read the article for some time pass).

Tulsian in the same interview also predicted that stock is not just luring at Rs 21-22 levels but also can be used to buy below Rs 20 or even more. However, he didn't maintain the levels at which stop buying.

"I have been maintaining my view that I have my positive view on Kingfisher. Any fall in the share price, may be at around Rs 21-22 because the kind of apprehensions we had in the morning that share can fall below Rs 20 should be used as a buying opportunity because the intentions of the management are very serious..." said the market expert. (Editor's note: Please read the entire article again on the abovementioned link).

However, recently Tulsian saddened with surprise cut down in Kingfisher's flights.

Tulsian said "Despite being Kingfisher Airlines is junk and no-way-to-recover position, the stock has immense potential value to become multi bagger. Therefore, I told Vijay that I am there. I like United Breweries, even my fans do most of the practical case research on UB Group products. I will never allow Kingfisher Airlines to fall out."
He said "I don't say my investors to invest in the business of Kingfisher Airlines. It is of no use. I only recommend buying shares of Kingfisher which have great potential upside value."

Talking on the bail-out plan to Udayan Mukherjee, he said "In spite of my persistence over buying Kingfisher shares, no body seem to be purchased them. Therefore, finally I planned to purchase the shares and bail out the company."

Talking about Vijay Mallya's reaction, S P Tulsian said "Vijay said thanks to me for my kind and expressionless emotions. He said that I was like Krishna who saved Draupadi's izzat. I told him that if not my fans, I am determined over giving him some help, or may be arranging Rs 400 crore."

DCFC reporter tried to get the reactions from Vijay Mallya directly. However, his phonelines were dead on account of not paying the telephone bills.
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