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Friday, 5 October 2012

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Rahul Gandhi made his point again, FDI in retail is good for farmers


He said farmers will benefit in some way by adopting something from FDI in retail

India's future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi again made his point. He yelled that FDI in retail is good for farmer's health.

"Yea that is what Congress Party's senior leaders told me that FDI in retail is good for farmers," Rahul Gandhi said, who recently accepted bigger role in the Party decisions.

He said "It is good for farmers as it would bring something that would help farmers in some way. They would also get something that will allow them to prosper."

Party President Sonia Gandhi who recently was nominated for Nobel Prize, is said to have clear few tear drops when she heard her sweet son was talking something that was mature enough for him to claim PM's seat.

"I am feeling really grateful for my assistants that made Raul so intelligent and understanding. His immediate understanding about FDI in retail related topic and its correlation with farmers made me so happy that I couldn't stop flowing the tears," said Sonia Gandhi exclusively to India Satire correspondent.

She said "It was unbelievable for me that Raul knew that something will happen to farmers when FDI in retail come."

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