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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Nitin Gadkari resigns from politics, to focus on business related core issues


Cash is sufficient now to run businesses and health would be next focus

BJP President, Nitin Gadkari resigned from his post amid rising serious allegations of corporate fraud on him. Gadkari said in his resignation letter that now as everything has been transferred from politics to his businesses, he can focus on core business related issues.

"It is better to focus on my business rather than wasting time to give answers to media," said Nitin Gadkari.

He said "Now, there is hardly any scope to transfer 'benami' property and funds from the corporate world, as the corporate world is facing recession and government is very slow in reforms, I felt it better to use the money that I received from various transactions in businesses and recreational activities. There is no scope to earn more."

Gadkari confirmed that the focus will not be just on businesses but he would also improve his health, particularly reducing his weight in natural way.

"I have already purchased a book 'Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight' and planning to join a city based gym as well. I think I will convert my bulky tummy into 6-packed stomach within next 6 months if I wouldn't have any other work," said Nitin Gadkari.

Sources said that Gadkari is also planning to join dance classes to learn cha-cha-cha dancing with the money he received from illegal transactions.

"Yea that's true. I am planning to have cha-cha-cha (Gadkari gave demo to India Satire correspondent) in Manish Malhotra Dance Institute," said Nitin Gadkari.

However, if he would face some kind of shortage of money in near future, Gadkari replied "I will join politics again for funds. It is the best quarry where you can dig money."

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