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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Dalals sued Sheila Dikshit aide for suing Kejriwal for calling her a 'dalal'


Even India's RAW joined the movement

Dalals (Agents) in India, involving in real estate, commodities, stocks and many deals sued Sheila Dikshit's political secretary Pawan Khera on serving a legal notice to India Against Corruption's Arvind Kejriwal saying that what is so derogatory in calling as an 'agent'.

"Is this guy stu*id. What was so derogatory in calling somebody as agent? Is this the profession that cleans shit holes of dogs and pigs so that he felt calling Sheila as 'dalal' degrades her? He totally degraded us by putting a legal notice on Kejriwal just as he called her dalal," said Sachin Tiwari, President of All India Agents Association (AIAA).

While in his legal notice, Khera could not explain how the word 'dalal' was derogatory, all the agents demanded him the explanation.

"We want an explanation, that how does this word make somebody derogatory? So on that basis calling us dalal or agent would just literally makes us deterioratory element of society," said Sachin Tiwari.

According to sources, even Government's wing RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) will also support the movement against Khera. Most of the workers in RAW are called as 'agents'.

"Yea, we are actually taking a cautious stand. We sent an application to Government to change our names from agents to something else, like ministers or corporators otherwise we will also agitate with All India Agents Association," said Director of RAW, Sanjeev Tripathi.

He said "Just because of Honourable Mr. Khera we actually understood that how much hideous word 'Agent' is."

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