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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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Narayan Dutt Tiwari on Sriprakash Jaiswal


Messing woman means digging own grave in coal mine

He he he... don't mess with woman or she would send "..." to take the revenge. He he he, Sriprakash could have used my experience but he made the right mistake. Whenever you are in a woman related mess others laugh at you and whenever others are in the mess you can't stop laughing. These days I am in the second category. I can't stop laughing and laughing. Oh Jaiswal you are so funny he he he... he he he..

Jaiswal usually used to poke me why I didn't use condom. But the thing now I will have to ask him did he find a condom for his mouth. Now this guy is in total mess. The things seem to be messier than his coal issue. Now everything you should not talk in the public n yaar. I never talked about my affairs. See now its India Satire's platform therefore I am disclosing but it is not really public thing. My own affairs are at least 1786 and according to last count I have 4387 dudes as my kids. In spite of that only one guy claimed to be my son making me a better in terms of hit ratio. However, how much a dumbass this Jaiswal is as without even anybody had claimed to be his son or daughter, he himself raised the doubts in the minds of people that he must have something with somebody who is not his old wife.

I would like to give some suggestions to Sriprakash. First keep your mouth shut if you have had some energy. Second if you had energy and you did something that may pop up any time as like it happened with me then also keep your mouth shut. Third always keep your mouth shut as people are waiting when you open your mouth and they will just kick on it.

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