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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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No case for rape, dacaity, murder and maoist activity registered for last two days in West Bengal

Government expects no crime till 25th October
In a unique experience, West Bengal, a busiest maoist state had not recorded any crime including rape, murder, dacaity, maoist activities since 22nd October. Sources said that because of a holiday for 4 days to notorious news papers, helped the government to curb all the crimes in the state.
"As news paper companies took a holiday for 4 days, we saw such a drastic fall in the crime rates in West Bengal. We expect the situation to remain as it is till 25th October, the last day of the leave of News Papers," said Jaya Das Gupta, IAS officer of the state.
"I haven't seen any murder or rape for last few days," said Pratik Banerjee, an auto rickshaw driver in Kolkata.
He said "Earlier, I used to see at least one rape or a bank robbery in the state. Even I was involved in at least 25-30 rapes. Sorry, actually I stopped counting from 20."
Pratik said that as he was not maoist he remained safe in spite of such a wonderful rape rate.
"Yea when Communist Party was ruling the state, I was damn hard core ass licking Communist. But when TMC came, I rejected to remain maoist," said Pratik indicating his loyalty towards Bengal Government.
However, the move to take a holiday in Durga Puja, exposed news papers as real culprit of crimes in the state.
"All news papers are maoists. They represent maoist activities and involved in maoism. Pulish put all editors, journalists and reporters in jail they are maoists. I will put an inquiry and will ban news papers so that West Bengal will be crime free state," said Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

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