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Friday, 7 September 2012

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Survey: 10% of Indians including Sonia Gandhi inadvertently call Marans as Morons

Call is mostly innocent rather than deliberate
A survey conducted by an Independent Agency on pronunciations and actual words, 10% Indians explicitly but inadvertently calls Maran brothers as Moron brothers.

"There are many Indians, which are not able to pronounce English in English only call Marans in right way while few others which pronounce English in proper way call Maran brothers as Moron brothers. However, some people which live in Bengal and other eastern states region of India, who don't pronounce English in English (UK) also call Marans as Morons," said survey manager, Petersen Hawkins.
He said "It was shocking that even we found India's most powerful lady Sonia Gandhi also call Moron. She says Doyanidhi Moron while India's upcoming powerful lady Mamata Banerjee also calls Maran as Moron only."
The survey was conducted based on the key findings of the political speeches and actual coverage of some 8,924 people of India. More than 10% of people called it Moron.
Hawkins said "Actually, they didn't know whether they were talking about any person. Therefore, there was no major reason to think that they were abusing Maran brothers."
The agency also visited through Sonia Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee's speeches. They also scanned India's President Pranab Mukherjee who himself call Marans as Morons.
Dayanidhi and Kalanidhi Maran were unavailable to comment on the study. However, sources close to the brothers said "We also are quite amazed of the reason why people mispronounce the name. Earlier we had some misconception that people are really talking about something that is abusive. But this extensive survey just shows it was our misconception."
(The above article is not prepared for abusing any surname but to bring the pronunciation errors and fun that creates out of wrong pronunciation. Therefore, please take it lightly.)

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