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Monday, 24 September 2012

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PMO filed a case against Harbhajan Singh for mocking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Earlier copying Underachiever tag line from Manmohan Singh and now he dared to copy Improver too
Prime Minister's Office (PMO) filed a complaint in Delhi High Court against Harbhajan Singh for degradedly mocking India's respected Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.
"How can he copy respectable Prime Minister of India?" asked an official in PMO "It is totally a mockery of the Prime Minister." Harbhajan Singh (Bhajji) took 4 wickets against England for paltry 12 runs.
"He can't show sudden rise in his performance after so many years of underachievement. It shows only one thing that he straight away copied Manmohanji," said the official of PMO.
He said "Copying Manmohanji only proves that he was mocking India's respectable Prime Minister and therefore we issued a show cause notice on him."
Manmohan Singh was recently considered as Underachiever by US' Time Magazine while many Indian sports magazines also considered Harbhajan Singh as Underachiever. However, in line with the improvement of the performance of Manmohan Singh, as taking hard stand against allies and opposition, pushing for the reforms, diesel price hike etc. Harbhajan Singh also showed drastic improvement.
"A total loser that I can say," the official said "He copied the Underachiever tag line of the Prime Minister and now he is trying to encroach an Improver tag line too."

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