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Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Nokia to file anti patent law suit against Apple

Whatever Apple had developed was actually thought by Nokia that time
After watching Apple beat Samsung in a law suit, Nokia plans to file a legal case against Apple for violating its patents over last many years since its inception. Nokia strongly expects that it will win the case and all iPhones will become the anticipated to be developed N-Series Phones.
After announcing two Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones at a combined press event with Microsoft held in New York on Wednesday, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that the company will file the case against Apple as soon as possible.
"We are in a legal talk and would immediately pull Apple down to the US courts. They are violating our expected product development in phones for over last 7-8 years since they launched iPhone and we demand all the revenues they earned through that product to move to Nokia," said Elop.
He said "Actually whatever they developed as iPhone, that we were going to develop at Nokia. That time our scientists and researchers thought of developing something that can be touched by fingers and few games would be opened also net would be accessed. However, Apple theft our entire idea, and they first develop that product."
After introduction Apple's iPhone, Nokia is way beyond in the markets as the users are dumping these phones and buying iPhone or Samsung phones. However, as Samsung is now lost player, Nokia revived its strategy to kill iPhone from its competition.
S P Iyengar, telecom strategist and gadget guru said "Nokia's move was shocking, I never knew that the company was intelligent too. If Apple had theft its originality then it was totally an unethical thing."
Nokia said that it also planned to develop PCs in 1950s which had greater look and best as user friendly. However, this idea was also theft by Apple and now it has to make phones by using idiotic Windows Operating System.

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