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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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Nithyananda on Sriprakash Jaiswal


Colour of coal and my skin colour are only similarities between me and Sriprakash - Nithyanada

Inna, these days I am very comfortable with myself. Nothing special, Ranjitha is fine and I am finding a new girl as I have lost charm in her. I feel that with time passes a man loses his charm in old girlfriends. Oh what did I say? Oh did I copy coal minister Sriprakash Jaiswal. Oh no, natural words have no control. Even a sensible guy like me can plagiarise idi*ts like Jaiswal. While besides colour of coal on his clothes and colour of my skin, there is no resemblance between us still I don't understand how I had copied him. Hmmm.... so today because of this stu*id I have to take this idi*tic topic to give you the lecture.

Ok my contention or my root topic is woman (be it wife, girlfriend or somebody else) loses her charm with age passes. Actually, inversely it is the sign that man is becoming dynamic. So the theory is whenever woman loses her charm while inversely it indicates man is becoming more needy, greedy and lusty. I am not sure Jaiswal has any dynamism left in him. However, few interestingly exceptional case such as ND Tiwari putting his tounge open just like dog opens his mouth whenever he sees some beautiful bitches.

So people like me and Tiwari are Old Monkeys, ah sorry... Old Monks are tastier as time passes by and therefore we are very much forceful for new and new items. However, Jaiswal I don't feel that guy has anything left in him. Neither I had heard of any of his scandal. I don't know what do he do whenever he has to do. Oops.. I would love to train such kind of immature guy on the path of spiritualism that frees soul from bloody thirsty and hungry body by applying few interesting caveats.

Now as he said, if Sriprakash Jaiswal has left no interest in his wife and his profession of mining coal is sluggish he can come to me. Attend my lecture and I will personally teach him the ways to bring variations and dynamism. He will also enjoy spiritual attainment and freedom from the heavy loads of energy by using my guidance.

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