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Thursday, 20 September 2012

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A Bihar shop keeper found asking why he was protesting against FDI in retail

Patna - Bihar
Nitish Kumar said this was the move of national integrity by supporting shopkeepers of other states
A Patna shop keeper, Raghu Yadav found asking his mate why they were protesting against FDI in retail and what FDI in retail was actually meant for him.
"Arey hamkaa kuch samajh naahi aat hai, hum kaahe eehaa khade hot ke chillawat hai," asked Raghu Yadav to his friend shop owner called Ramkisan Sinha.
He asked "Ee FDI waa kaa hot hai. Aur ee BJP ke gudbag log kaahe apan ko leke hiyaa aaye huye hai."
Ramkisan said "Hum kaa bhi kaahe samajhat naahiye. Hum to apane dukaan me jaane ke liye ready waa huye hot rahe tab apan kaa wo Rames aake bolat rahe ki chaurahe me jaake chillana hot rahe hai."
Social Insecurity Expert Pramod Prakash Sinha gave his opinion on the overall conversation.
He said "I think Bihar Government told earlier that it will not allow FDI in retail in Bihar so whatever protests if they are against FDI would be stupid."
However, Nitish Kumar, Bihar's chief minister said "While Bihar Government is already against FDI in retail and no foreign company will set up its shop, what these people are showing national integrity, fighting for shop keepers of other states such as Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan by shutting down their own shops. This is called Bihari power."

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