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Thursday, 20 September 2012

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Mamata Banerjee to join Bengal CM's office after she left UPA

Mamata didi will try to concentrate on work to forget her passionate love
Post break up with UPA government, Mamata Banerjee said that she would now focus on West Bengal's Chief Minister's job and try to bring some reforms for people of West Bengal. This way she will manage to forget the parting pain with somebody who is loved one.
"I can forgive maoist but I can't forgive UPA people," said Mamata didi in an exclusive interview with India Satire correspondent.
She said "First they put that Pranab on President's job and now they are doing what some idiotic thing. What the thing was ... okay whatever it was they are doing that stupid thing. Therefore I backed out."
According to sources of UPA government they felt Mamata Banerjee actually was wifey while UPA ministers acted like poor and harassed husbands.
"She was quite bitter and likes to dominate," said one minister from UPA Government, requesting anonymity.
He said "Now, she doesn't know the full form of FDI but still she just wanted to back out therefore backed out."
However, Mamata denied all the allegations and said she knew the meaning of FDI and it was Foreign Direct Investment.
While talking on her future plans, she said "It is always difficult to forget the love and if love is maoist then it hurts. I am also hurt by my beloved UPA government. Earlier it used to serve me whatever I demanded. But this time it refused to act as I told her. Now who would like to let leave such wonderful and caring maid. However, finally with heavy heart I had to decide that it was better to be different rather than tomorrow I become its servant. I am now thinking of concentrating on my job of CM. I will increase my working hours from 1 hour to 3 hours."

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