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Thursday, 20 September 2012

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Mulayam Singh Yadav said he actually believes in economic freedom but don't know what that is actually meant

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh
Issue is he agrees to everything but not Congress despite the file sitting in Congress HQs
Just ahead of his final decision on supporting or opposing UPA government, Samajwadi Party Head, Mulayam Singh Yadav confirmed that he actually believes in adequate economic freedom that converts into adequate perfect competition leading great industrial revolution and thereby opening of job opportunities resulting in economic prosperity and furthermore economically developed nationalised way of getting into great boundaries of world economic super powers. However, he doesn't know what exactly that is.
"I am actually in favour of that thing which UPA government is planning to introduce in India. I know that thing will create more and more jobs and will boost demand for something will increase. But actually I don't know what is that and as a Samajwadi Party President, I have to oppose it," said Mulayam Singh in his nostrils.
He said "I know that by allowing firangi companies to invest in India will surely reduce something called fiscal deficit and thereby something called inflation, inflation must be something related to mehengai, Akhilesh told me about that. After inflation comes down, Subba Rao will reduce interest rates and thereby many companies will invest in India and that will create jobs somehow, that I don't know. But still I believe it just brought by Congress Party I have to oppose it."
According to sources, Mulayam was confused whether to support or not. He made many calls to his secretary asking him whether any file is opened or not so that he can surely take an independent call, a totally unbiased one.
"He is true leader. He understands all the economic nitty grittys but he doesn't know them what they exactly are. Finally, he also understands that there are few files are lying here and there which are actually Mayawati also searching, are more important than FDI in retail," said the source.

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