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Saturday, 15 September 2012

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99% sure that topless lady is not Queen Elizabeth - Editor of Glamour Magazine

UK paparazzi up its sleeves as foreign competition of tapping royal family has entered in UK
Rising competition in the gossip magazines to disrobe UK's Kingdom
After few foreign magazines (USA and French) published nude photos of Prince Harry and Prince William's wife Kate Middleton, UK magazines up its sleeves to keep its readership intact. Following the stiff competition to tap Britain's royal family in its birth day suit, UK's popular gossip magazine 'Glamour' planned to publish topless photos of Queen Elizabeth. However, it is still not sure that whether that old lady was actually Queen Elizabeth.
"Yea, yesterday only one of our correspondents received a snap of an old lady who was having sun bath on the beach. She was wearing only large goggles and was looking very stubborn and arrogantly stupid. By first look, we thought she must be Queen Elizabeth. But right now we are still not sure," said Jo Elvin, Editor of Glamour's UK version.
However, Glamour is also aware that it can't wait and has to release the photos ASAP before competition come into picture.
"These photos have huge interest among the audience, even more than Kate Middleton's photos. Many old guys, grand fathers, grannies, uncles and stupid interest young guys are interested to watch Elizabeth's nude photos, I am damn sure about it," said Jo Elvin.
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He said "We have to be in a hurry to release those photos of Royal family's top. 99% I am sure that those photos are not of Queen Elizabeth's but if 1% chance we take then it is possible we will get a huge boost to our readership."

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