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Friday, 31 August 2012

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Taking revenge against verdict, Samsung to sell Korea and buy Apple

Revenge spun Korea based Samsung Electronics announced that it will sell Korea to buy Apple Inc at whatever prices it is available. The company made the shocking annoucement after every road side guy started bullying Samsung's products.

"WTF yaar! Today my driver told me that he doesn't like to use plagiarised version of phones and tablets. Therefore, as soon as Apple launch its new tab and phone he will buy," said Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee.
He said "This turned my mind insane and I just decided to sell lagging Korean
 Economy and buy Apple Inc which has high growth potential."
Sources said that Lee himself has fucked up using his Samsung phone which uses ridiculous Google Android Operating System and provides useless apps.
"Yea that's true. But what can I do? Till the time I am stuck to Samsung's ridiculously copied phone, I am not able to switch to Apple," said Lee.
"Just his frustration of losing battle against Apple led to take the decision to acquire Apple," said a source closed to the development.
Further the source also said that it was rival company's phone that also restricted him from using.
However, the questions were asked about how the company with profits of $12bn will purchase a mega company Apple which has market cap of over $600bn.
Lee said "I would sell Korea. That's the only option. As it is Korea has no stram left within as the economy is growing at paltry 4% is better to sell off and acquire fast growing Apple Inc."
When India Satire correspondent reached the Korean Government, the comment was Lee confirmed that he was dreaming buying Apple Inc and no such transaction is possible.

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