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Friday, 31 August 2012

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God slapped courts for sending criminals to him, Government obeys God's order

God slapped Indian courts for sending Kasab like terrorists to him by giving them death sentence.

"What is the logic in increasing the weight of my dustbin? I can't put all the trash and rubbish in my dustbin. I am not a garbage collector," said God, giving his special comment on Kasab's verdict.
He said " It is natural that size of my Trashcan could be limited and therefore whatever garbage I put in there sent by courts is choking it."
God has kept different bins for different waste, litter and junk. He identified trashcans for terrorists, dacaits, robbers and different lowlife insane personalities such as rapists, etc. He also differentiated trashcans between sent by court, killed by military and naturally died.
"I might have actually enjoyed keeping this garbage in my dust bin but the thing is it is already full and I am in talks with Google to increase the bandwidth of my garbage can, I need some time. Therefore, I requested Indian Government to keep Kasab for the timebeing along with Afzal Guru, for 2-3 days (In God's term 1 day = 10 years) and when the bandwidth of can increases I will put them into it," said God.
The government confirmed that it received the request of God and it said that it would readily accept it.

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