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Friday, 31 August 2012

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Kim Kardashian revealed that she is actually Gujaratan and that's why her figure is so stunning

Kim said she would take tips from Gujarati girl to try to reduce unnecessary fat on her precious assets
Famous American socialite, reality television star, model and occasional actress Kim Kardashian revealed that her roots can be traced back to Gujarat as somebody of some of her relatives was Gujarati and that is why she is not eating much and maintains her figure stunning.
"Yes I am actually Gujaratan. One of my fore-fore-fore father or I think fore-fore-fore mother was actually Gujarati. That makes me Gujaratan and therefore my figure is such a marvelous posture of beautiful scripture," said Kim Kardashian to India Satire Correspondent.
Kim said she can easily say few Gujarati words such as Kem Cho, Majaa maa cho and Aitla maatey, etc. She can also play garbha. However, she felt more close to the community when Narendra Modi, Gujarat's chief minister revealed a diet plan of normal Gujarati girl.
Narendra Modi's said that middle class girls avoid eating make them look under-nourished. In an interview, he told that girls are doing such weird thing to maintain their figures at zero levels to look stunning.
Kim Kardashian said "Modi is right. We Gujarati girls hate eating. Either we eat more than required and become unmanageable or we are considered thin. Actually that doesn't  mean we are underweight but our figure is dazzling."
Kim who is possibly visiting India in Big Boss Series 6 said that she would visit Gujarat as well to get some insight of possibly good tips for improving her figure and tone it in a proper way.
"Yea actually, I want to take suggestion from Gujarati girl as few of my assets are becoming unnecessarily fat. I want to tone them down," informed Kim Kardashian to India Satire correspondent.

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