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Saturday, 11 August 2012

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People present at Ramleela maidan found performing Kapalbhati

Delhi: New Delhi
Baba charisma holds true with his followers
Many people present at Ramleela maidan found performing Kapalbhati pranayam confused with yoga camp and not an agitation campaign. However, the managers of agitation event took serious note and stopped this notorious act.

"Yes few people found actually doing Kapalbhati so we stopped them and told that Ramdev Baba just sat normally on fast and not really performing any kind of yoga," said Rajpal Sharma, a representative and discipline manager at Ramleela maidan.
However, few still remain stubborn and they keep doing kapalbhati, when all the representatives had to take sticks in their hands.
Sharma said "Most of them actually couldn't afford to join Patanjali Yogapeeth's costly yoga campaigns and therefore they thought that this free agitation can be used."
Ramkisan Tripathi said “I thought it is a free yoga shibir which Ramdev Baba arranges once in a 100 years. Therefore, I came here to perform Kapalbhati. But it seems everything different over here.”
Some of the supporters of Ramdev Baba said that actually they were so inspired from the charisma of Baba that they couldn't stop themselves from performing yoga.
"It's kinky feeling whenever we see Ramdev Baba, we actually start Kapalbhati, that we can't help ourselves. Its rather nasty but we really understand how sweating after yoga is so nasty," told Ramanuj Yadav, to India Satire correspondent.
However, finally matter resolved, after Ramdev Baba announced that whoever is performing Kapalbhati will have to pay Rs 50000 per hour.

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