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Saturday, 11 August 2012

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Few media personalities plan to be Bangladeshis just to check how warm to be as an illegal immigrant

Barkha Dutt plans to change her name to Burkha Dutt just to see how it looks
According to sources, many unbiased famous media personalities which include Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai will check themselves as Bangladeshis by adopting the nationality of Bangladesh and then will stay in India and would observe how it feels to be illegal immigrant.

"We are tired of being Indians, it always feel that our natural instinct tells us that our roots were actually from most advanced nations such as Pakistan and Bangladesh and not from this country," told Barkha Dutt to India Satire correspondent.
She said "We hate those from bottom of our hearts whenever few extremists make heated statements on Pakistanis and Bangladeshi immigrants. How ridiculous was that thing! And therefore we decided to open the eyes of Indians which are with highly closed mentalities and don't open their arms to embrace few poor people from other nations. My arms are always open to hug Bangladeshi immigrants."
Ms Dutt gave example of Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni how she was humble and invited her to be illegal immigrant in Bangladesh have stay for life.
Dutt told India Satire correspondent that after opening eyes of Indians she would literally leave this country and will stay in Bangladesh as an illegal immigrant.
"I plan to buy good burkha as well," tweeted Barkha to her fans and also told that she would change her name to Burkha Dutt.
Rajdeep Sardesai, husband of Sagarika Ghose told that he is also of very adoptive nature and love to test the warmth of being illegl immigrant.
"I would love to do that," said Rajdeep "I know whenever I will convert myself my fan following on twitter will grow 20 times. Wow so nasty. Also, I will get so many admirers and consolers that I would not able count them."
Rajdeep also informed India Satire correspondent that if Bangladeshies felt bad living in Assam and Mumbai they can come to his house for a long stay.
He said "They are welcome. I even ask them to come to my home. It's your place only. Me and Sagarika will happily stay on the roads. Here in Mumbai slums are allowed and I will construct one slum for myself and Sagarika. I urged my twitter and Facebook fans to convert themselves to Bangladeshis and why not give immigrants their own homes. We can construct slums in Mumbai."
Rajdeep and Sagarika also liked the idea of Barkha Dutt on living in Bangladesh.
"Wow such superb idea Barkha has. I also like her to consider Pakistan where I am dying to go. If she likes to go to Saudi, Rajdeep will also be interested," said Sagarkia Ghose.
Sagarika Ghose also told that she would be arranging SMS poll on how nasty it feels becoming Bangladeshi immigrant on 'Face the Nation'.
(Fake News)

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