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Monday, 3 September 2012

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Digvijay Singh found in history when he was resting for last few months

Diggy Chacha felt funny watching Sushma's
ancestor dancing cha-cha-cha
Digvijay Singh said Raj Thackeray is actually Bangladeshi who migrated from Bihar to Mumbai
Senior Congress Leader, Digvijay Singh found in history, some 1000-2000 years back, discusses the different ancestors of many known and popular personalities of India and World. He was actually studying the history after a compulsory rest offered by Congress Party after UP election to suit his health. It was a prestigious project of Congress, which was to understand why weirdly all these political party leaders behave.
"Knowing Raj Thackeray's ancestors is a small thing and I know about many people," said Digvijay Singh who was earlier busy with mentoring India's future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi.
He said "My only concern is to know what history tells about different people and where are the genes come from. That way I would understand the behavioral pattern of many leaders, personalities and celebrities."
In an interview with India Satire Correspondent, Digvijay Singh discussed about the ancestors of many popular personalities.  He told correspondent that he also met
Talking about few other personalities, Digvijay Singh said "Now look at Sushma Swaraj her ancestors came from Honolulu, which is famous for dancing and singing cha-cha-cha, jazz and rock music. I was over there Sushma's great great great grandfather also showed me dancing by putting tree leafs on his waste. Tik tick cha cha cha, tick tick cha cha cha. It was a fun. Last year I saw Sushma was dancing in the same style at Rajghat."
Digvijay Singh also talked about Nitin Gadkari, whom he considers his competitor in terms of intelligence level and understanding of the things in better way. He said "Nitinji's ancestors came from Mogadishu of Somalia where no junk food is available. Actually no food is available. And that is why he is eating after every 2-3 minutes. He is hungry for many births."
Digvijay Singh made a detailed search on Congress Personalities as well. He said "Rahul Baba's ancestors are from Mathura who after some point of time visited to Italy. Actually his great great great grandfather was devotee of Krishna and lower great grandfather was devotee of Jesus and further lower great grandfather was Paigambar's shishya making him great secular personality in the world. His Papa was dedicated to great Italian personality Soniaji (Diggyji chuckled)."
Again coming back to real issue, Digvijay Singh said "Actually, I was half true while making comment on Raj Thackeray's ancestors. His ancestors actually migrated from Bangladesh to Bihar and then went to Mumbai. That is why he is actually Bangladeshi turned Bihari."

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