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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

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A study revealed that Rahul Gandhi never said a word on Economy or Economic recession or slowdown during his political career

Congress Party leaders said that it's his optimism over Economy while opposition leaders said its his illiteracy
A new study revealed that Rahul Gandhi, crown prince of India never uttered a word over Economy, Economic Recession and Economic Slowdown during his entire political career.
The study conducted by Political Research Institute (PRI) said that Rahul Gandhi never said a word that mentions directly or indirectly about economy or health of the economy, despite being the buddy is M. Phil in Development Economics from Trinity College at Cambridge University.
Results of study stirred the entire political environment of the country. While Congress leaders tried to make damage control, opposition leaders pushed for ridiculous demands of direct contest with Rahul Gandhi over economic knowledge.
"It's Rahul Baba's optimism that Indian economy is in a good shape under the UPA government and he just wanted to focus on the youth Congress so he didn't talk about the economy," said Digvijay Singh, General Spokesperson of Congress Party.
He said "While India's old age ministers are capable of handling the economy, Rahul Gandhi was focusing on building strong youth to become old aged and enter in the politics. What is the reason he should talk on each-n-every petty issue? And if he doesn't talk about economic recession that means he is still optimistic on the economy."
Kapil Sibal, another Congress leader mentioned about the law of General Perception of Silence.
He said "Under this law, a person keep his mouth shut if he is dumbass or he is highly intellect. While there is nothing that proves Rahul Baba is dumbass, his M. Phil accolades says that he is highly intellect. His silence also proves my theory that there is zero loss if you keep your mouth shut on ordinary issues."
However, opposition leaders didn't agree to buy Digvijay and Kapil Sibal's points.
"It is not his optimism but his illiteracy which keeps his mouth shut. I would recommend Rahul Gandhi joining the classes of Nitin Gadkari or if not then challenge him to demonstrate the knowledge on economy," said Shahnawaz Hussain, a senior leader of BJP.

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