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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

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BMC to open mid-way air route for the travelling of Salman Khan and family

Move to allow Salman Khan and family to access freedom to drive
Its neither air nor earth, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced a mid-way air route specially designed for Salman Khan and his family. The announcement came after an old lady crushed by Arbaaz Khan's car.
"It's a special privillege we are granting for a more adventurous family in Mumbai, so that few notorious road side travellers and dwellers will stay cool," said BMC Commissioner Sitaram Kunte.
After using high air route for Airoplane and low air routes for Mono and Metro Rails, vacant mid air route will be opened for Salman Khan and family for accessing the freedom of driving.
He said "Either we live safely or Salman Khan family drives safely. Both things can't happen together. Therefore we also granted them special concession in fuel if they carry their vehicles on both the hands and just walk through. Our special team has investigated that all the Khans have more muscle power and strength than any Mercedese or even Rolls Royce has."
Sources said that Salman Khan will file a suit against all Mumbai roadside travellers and dwellers as the road blocks for freedom of driving and they should ask to sleep or travel on the Railway platforms. The complaint considered them as notorious and nasty people creating traffic issues on footpaths.
"We don't comment on speculations. But we believe in freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of twist and freedom of drive," said Sohail Khan, bodyguard of Salman Khan.

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