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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

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Nithyananda on Higgs boson 'God particle'

Higgs should be inquired for presenting my innovation - Nithyananda
Oh! just now I completed my Godly lecture to the jail security guards. They were in real amazement that how do I know so many things that I haven't seen. I haven't told them the secret but they know that it came from the bushes of real love demonstrating through every part of my physical and sentimental body. They surprised how I really tell about god which is invisible.
One guy who I think was a trouble maker asked me a strange question which he saw on a breaking news of India TV that scientists found God Particle which probably the Higgs boson. So he asked me what was that. How ridiculous! How would I know?
I sternly told him that first you don't believe in breaking news of India TV most of them are satires and spoofs. Besides my own video I have never seen any true story on the channel and even mistakenly they have provided some true news the pronunciation is wrong. It's not boson it is bosom, which holds God's particles.
I told him that what I discovered it in my entire life since my birth when few hot mallu neighbor aunties used to 'kuchchi pu' me and press me sharply to their strong and huge bosoms. So that should not be Higgs boson but Higgs bosom. While who this Higgs is I don't know and if he meets me then I would put a question that how would he take credit of my innovation that god's particle is found in bosom.
However, with life headed to more exploration activities, I found out more and more places where God's few other particles are available. That I would discuss in my next lecture. But jail guards suck they have so many idiotic questions based on chaalu channels like India TV. Ridiculous!

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