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Monday, 16 July 2012

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Indian Chinesewala will offer Chinese food in China as Indian food

Plans to open a restaurant chain across the Mainland China
Owner of the chain of Street Chinese Restaurants, Rambahadur Singh announced a unique step and would open a chain of Indian roadside restaurants in China offering Indian Chinese food as Indian food.
"Yes, that's correct. Our chain of restaurants called 'Enter the Dragon' which has 3200 outlets on various streets across India is a great success story. However, when I came to know that Indian Chinese is more than an improvisation of actual Chinese dishes and they taste different than actual Chinese dishes, I thought why not using this concept in Mainland China only by offering these dishes in the name of Indian Cuisine," said Rambahadur Singh.
Rambahadur Singh started his chain by using 4 wheeler haath gaadi at Bandra Corner in Mumbai. Now he increased the number to 3200 haath gaadis, which include more than 450 gaadis in his own state Uttar Pradesh.
"It was a difficult task initially," said Rambahadur "Earlier in 1990s nobody actually used to recognise that it was Chinese food. But finally I thought why not appoint a Chinese look-a-like guy to make and serve the food so that it would increase confidence among the consumers and then I found out one Nepali guy Bahadur Thapa. Thapa was a watchman in Bandra's high flying complex while he started working for us in the night." Rambahadur Singh told his success story with an intense pride.
He said "After we reached to 100 restaurants, Thapa left his job of being a watchman and started managing the chain. He only suggested me why not we sell Indian Chinese dishes in China with a good name change like calling Schezwan Rice as Sambhar Rice and improvising Zeera Rice into Curd Zeera Rice."
According to data, Chinese dishes are quite different in taste compared to Indian Chinese dishes.
Rambahadur Singh said "We are confident that the model would work successfully and our task is to open 100 restaurants in first 6 months."

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