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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

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Hindustan Unilever announced a soap launch which cleans body

Company tries to totally untapped area in India
Taking competition to new levels, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), the largest FMCG Company in India announced a launch of soap which cleans entire body of any kind of human being.
"After an extensive research on 17,242 Indians from different regions, we found out that now 99% Indians have become fairer and well moisturized because of our great fairness and moisturizing soap variants but they lack cleanliness. Here we recognized a great opportunity is waiting for us," said Nitin Paranjpe CEO and Managing Director of HUL.
India has one of the largest variants of the soap categories but it doesn't have soaps which cleans body. Research suggests that because of lack of cleanliness, many Indians started using deodrants which are available for both women and men. Many Indians have also started demanding that stop the stupidity of selling fairness, moisturizing and beauty soaps and focus on cleaning the body.
Nitin Paranjpe said "Yea that's true! First of all our intention was to make Indians aware that they also can look beautfiul, fair and well nourished. Now the competition should go higher levels, they should also look clean and recently took a bath. Our soap product will almost wiped out many cosmetics and deodrants from the market."
Independent FMCG analyst, Sharanchandra Gupta said "Cleaning body properly by removing dirt is a great opportunity for the company. HUL is already riding on a strong growth curve while just making few technological changes its return ratios will touch sky high."
Vivek Patel, Big Bazaar retailer said "Yea we have floor cleaner, we have bathroom cleaner forget it we also have toilet cleaner which cleans dirt from each of the places of English and Indian toilets. But aitley we don't have body cleaners. It is better that HUL is launching such sensible product otherwise people would have started using Harpic."

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