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Friday, 13 July 2012

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Kamal Hassan to work alone in his next movie

He will be director, actor, actress, producer, old man with many roles and also spot boy
India's greatest maestro actor, Kamal Hassan announced his new movie after Viswaroopam which he will alone make without even using spot boy or associate producer/director.
"I will be whole and sole of the movie. I will be spot boy, I will be director, producer, associate director, associate producer, script writer, writer, etc. Even on screen whatever 300 characters are to be woven off will be performed by me only," said Kamal Hassan answering to the questions of reporters about what next after Viswaroopam. Kamal Hassan's last notable Hindi movie was 'Dasavathaaram'
He said "I am not interested in Viswaroopam's sequel as I don't believe worthless and nonintellectual Indian people will watch its first part itself. Therefore, I thought to start a new venture. This new movie's name is 'Sole lo' a story about a struggler which performed the roles of different varieties such as an old man, a lady, small kid looking man, fool, useless and many more and still not got the recognition from his fans. It would be a real story of that struggler."
He said that he has all the experience of working at every stage of the movie performance.
He said "I will manage camera, songs, script, story and entire thing. Even I will give tea to myself as a role of spot boy and finally I will myself watch that movie while other audiences go to hell."

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