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Monday, 16 July 2012

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Indian government offers opportunity for women to directly become judge or teachers without giving any exams

Great qualities of ladies to find the faults and give justice make them worthy - Law Minister
India's Minister of Law and Justice, Salman Khurshid advocated that Indian women can easily become good teachers and judges without giving any kind of exams just by immaculate their own inherent qualities into successful profession and filling the gap of the shortage in both these professions.
Addressing a conference in New Delhi, Social Justice and Contribution of Woman in Individual Justice, Khurshid said "Indian women are already empowered with good qualities such as fault finding and addressing situation by giving great justices at home. Therefore, they don't require doing any kind of course or giving any exam. They can easily become judges and teachers."
He said "The government of India conducted a thorough survey on this topic. 98% of men said that they always require remaining cautious before performing any task. They always affraid that they would find out with a fault and would get a justice instantly."
Khurshid stressed on this topic when the attendants asked him the flaws of the Justice and Law in India. While it is very slow it also requires filling the gap of shortage of judges very fast. Attendants also raised the cases that issue of teachers also required to be addressed immediately.
Khurshid said "Actually, I don't have power to talk about the situation of teachers in India. That is Kapil Sibal's cup-of-tea. But he would agree with me on a truth that women have great skills to convert an animal (male) into a human being. On the front of judges, women easily find faults and correct themselves instantly. So both these qualities make them great teachers and judges. Both these professions of India require these reverent skills."
However, gents lobby was not happy on Salman Khurshid's speech. Many of them asked him to take back his words.
"We want to claim that we get illegal justices almost every day from our wives," said Rajdeep Gopalachari, President of All India Men Liberalisation Lobby (AIMLL).
He said "While Salman Khurshid's speech only creates an environment that would only encourage wives to torture on small and petty issues that why did I wear only one pair of socks for 2 days. Or why did I forget to eat my Tiffin. Or even why didn't I put the soap in a soap bracket. It sucks our life and on that basis Khurshid can't claim the votes of women of India."
Salman Khurshid's reaction is yet to receive on the objections raised by male lobby.

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