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Monday, 4 June 2012

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South based company launched Oatmeal with Rasam

Product will tap new-age urban population and South Indian NRI's
Famous South Indian nashta (breakfast) company, MTR announced Rasam Oatmeal to capture health-freak-new-age urban population and South Indian NRIs settled in different countries.

"MTR always battled for the taste of South Indian customers. The company introduced so many nashta items for different Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Mallu public. Now we want to mix up the South Indian flavors with different world varieties," said CEO of MTR Foods, Sanjay Sharma.
He said "Rasam Oatmeal will be named as HoatMealla. It would have the taste of rasam and health of oats, which we expect will be welcomed by our South Indian customers."
The company said that it was a really unique variety that will be very much customized towards the needs of the customers.
"No company in the world captures such kind of variety. We shall be first in the world to introduce Rasam Oatmeal and also will become World's largest from day one," said Sanjay Sharma in a packed press conference.
The company had taken a serious research from various cities which include all the South Indian metros, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad in India while in various cities in US, Europe and Gulf regions.
"We reached to the real polished people across these cities that have time and money to spend on the health related polished food. We told them that if they would get less fatty, no maida and Vitamin C enriched oat meal, then whether they really like to go for the product. All of them said yes. We told them that if they would get rasam oatmeal then they go for it and all were very happy on our innovation," said Vikran Sabherwal, VP - Marketing at MTR Foods.
Rasam oatmeal will be very nutritional and healty will improve Vitamin C levels drastically.
"Our market research suggests that few products like Bournvita and Horlicks improved Vitamin D level of the milk. Our product will improve Vitamin C levels of milk and oats which straight-away improve the required energy levels of the consumer," said Sabherwal "We recommend taking rasam oatmeal with few teaspoons of Bournvita will add Vitamin D also to our consumers."
"People have become very much health savvy these days. They all want more calcium and proteins from traditional South Indian dishes. One independent research suggested that if Oatmeal will be taken with rasam, the health quality of oatmeal will increase. Oatmeal along with tamatar rasam will improve Vitamin C in every age people," said Sharma.
The company told that it will introduce different varieties to tap children, women and old age people. The company also plans to launch Sambhar and coconut based varieties. Sharma also informed that development in oatmeal idli and upma will give results in next few weeks.
MTR Foods has provided the recipe of the product. Viewers of the site can note down.

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